Thursday, 20 January 2011


Realised I must have gone through about thirty or so rolls of film since I last uploaded any photography up here, so with that in mind was looking through various scans last night when I came across this roll taken in the early months of last year. From what I remember I had passed my driving test after years of on and off attempts so was in the habit of taking the car out on my own to various places in Cumbria armed with my camera. I have to say was not overly happy with life at that time, a place I thankfully do not feel I am anymore, but strikingly on reflection I think these photos capture the solitude I was feeling on those drives. Not a conscious effort by any means, I was literally walking around, listening to music, snapping whatever caught my eye and enjoying the fresh air.
I will endeavour to upload more photography, more often as I have physical piles and piles of exposures, a lot yet to be scanned.
The locations of these photos, from memory, seem to be Silloth, Calbeck, The chuch down my street and I think one of Talkin, and they seem to have been taken over the course of a few months. My memory isn't what it used to be.

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B A S T A R D I S E R said...

fantastic photos man, real atmosphere in them. desktop'd the fourth from last as my background!