Sunday, 15 November 2009

It Hurts me too.

Sublime Video of Underated artist Karen Dalton. With Probably the Best Cover of "it Hurts me too" made popular vy Elmore James. NYC 1969.

Dalton, whose heritage was Cherokee, was born Karen J. Cariker in Enid, Oklahoma.[1] Her bluesy, world-weary voice is often compared to that of iconic jazz singer Billie Holiday. She sang blues, folk, country, pop, Motown -- making over each song in her own style. She played the twelve string Gibson guitar and a long neck banjo

Known as "the folk singer's answer to Billie Holiday" and "Sweet Mother K.D.", Dalton is said to be the subject of the song Katie's Been Gone (composed by Richard Manuel and Robbie Robertson) on the album The Basement Tapes by The Band and Bob Dylan. She struggled with drugs and alcohol for many years. It has been widely reported that she died in 1993 on the streets of New York City after an eight-year battle with AIDS.

However, an article in Uncut magazine confirmed that Dalton was actually being cared for by the singer-songwriter Peter Walker in upstate New York during her last months.

Best Men Grover and Cookie Monster

So, we were discussing at work the subject of Sesame Street (civil service, hard at work), which seems to not be on childrens teleivision anymore, and the point that what is now shown to pre school children is dumbed down rubbish, with goo goo ga ga language. So I decided I'd relive some old childhood memories by looking back at my two favourite characters, Grover and Cookie Monster. Turns out even as an adult they have me in stitches, making any blues I feel instantly go. And I learned stuff too. Wowza.
So, some classics...