Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Good Prog Sounds of Barcelona....

During a recent trip to Barcelona I was lucky Enough to Stumble into Wah Wah Supersonic Records.
Established in 1992, they stock all varieties of music but seem to specialise in the psych/prog/jazz/folk rock of the 60's and 70's spectrum of things, stocking hundred and hundreds of records, many of which are rare to boot!
They also have their own record label pressing re-issues of hard to find artists.

"WAH WAH was born as a record shop in 1992. Those were hard times for the vinyl collector, and Wah Wah was created to supply the kind of real stuff you wouldn't find in other shops.

For over 10 years WAH WAH has been areference outlet both in Barcelona and abroad, and its highly specialised sections cover a wide range of styles: from jazz & blues to soul and funk, from folk & beat to psych &prog, from surf & exotica to garage & rock & roll, from old disco rarities to the ultimate 12" in the dance market... WAH WAH specialises in all styles bizarre.

You name it - we have it. No matter what kind of music are you into, WAH WAH will have a record, a compact disc or a book that may be of your interest"


C/ Riera Baixa 14
08001 Barcelona

Phone: (+34) 934423703

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Nearly there.....

Black and white paper mockups of Manatees - Icarus the sunclimber, 6 panel Digipak CD packaging and artwork.
Acetate printing proved too costly to make it worth a reality, so I had to re-think entirley.
Final Colours being discused now, proposed Metalic red ink design on a black spot varnish cover.
Final results to follow.....