Monday, 6 October 2008

Icarus, The Sunclimber

My Sketch work progress for upcoming manatees record "Icarus, The Sunclimber".
Due for release early 2009 through Eyes of sound records.
Sketched in pencil, will be inked, scanned and arranged.
Final packaging planned to be on printed Acetate.
Feathers are harder to draw than you think.....

Beatdown Records.

If Anyone was a fan of the super great Steel Wheels record shop in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK then I suggest you check out Beatdown Records.
Bassically Steel Wheels had Changed it's name and has now moved to two new premises.
One in Ridley Place supplying drumn and bass and such (pah) the other, much superior store now located in Clarendon Basement, just across from Central Station.
They Stock a RIDICULOUS amount of Metal, Stoner Rock, Avant Garde, Doom, Noise, Folk, Black Metal,punk,indie post rock blah blah and massive amount of vinyl too much of it rare.

but whatever you do, watch out for them stairs!

Check them out at
Beatdown Records
Claredon House Basement
Bewick st NE1 5EE

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Bands with swears.

So. My good freind Jamie started a blog cataloging bands who have swear words or offensive words in their names.
Head on over to to get all potty mouthed.
Should be good.

Fuck yeah.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

We're Just a minor acedemy award winner.....

Sir Ben Kingsley.
Academy Award Winner.
Star of such great films as Ghandi.
Schindlers List.
Sexy Beast.

And now. Fronting Minor Threat?

Sir Ben Kinglsey Mackeye? Is this somekind of biographical movie starring Kingsley as everyones favourtie DIY enthusiast?
Or Maybe he just really likes Minor Threat.
Either way, see it. Believe it. Bizzare.


Sooooo, with the over saturation of networking sites ala myface and spacebook and the enjoyment gained from other people's, I have created a blog.
Not sure what to post. A bit of this. A bit of that. I guess just general ramblings.
Maybe someone will read it maybe not. Doesn't matter, I find the writing quite theraputic
None the less hopefully someone will enjoy.

For starters, a music theme.
This Week I have mostly been listening to:

Zombi: Surface to Air
The Flower Travellin' Band: Satori
Rose Kemp: Unholy Majesty
Pyramids: Self Titled
SkullFlower : the IIIrd Gatekeeper
Goblin: Various Soundtrack scores.
Thanks to James R and James L for the Zombi And FTB albums.

Sweet Deal.