Thursday, 10 February 2011


So...with a new year comes a new central hub for all manatees activities.
Thats right, we've gone fucking digital and opened a tumblr page.
We'll be updating this often with tours, merch, news and general crap we've been up to. So go check it out h e r e and "follow" us, so that we dont feel like complete losers wasting our time.

While I'm speaking manatees, we are making progress slowly on the release of our next record "Helvellyn" (read about the recording and Rocksound magazine feature from last year
h e r e ) and are Touring with Leeds duo Khuda this month.

You can find the dates on our new Tumblr page, or on my previous
"blackmanaflag" shirt post.
be there or be a dick.

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