Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Knife - Tomorrow, in a Year

Sneakily got hold of this album in the new year, having really loved the 2006 album "Silent Shout", which saw the Knife, move to darker more brooding sounds whilst still retaining the catchiness and melody of their earlier two releases. Similaly I completley fell for Karin's solo album under the Fever Ray moniker, which for me, provided both one of the best albums and live shows of 2009.

So the Knife return with their most strange and bizzare release yet. "Tomorrow, in a Year" see's the Swedish siblings Olaf and Karin Driejer collaborate with Mt Sims and Planningtorock to produce this two disc 16 track Electro Opera. Yep. OPERA.
And if the premise of it being an Opera wasn't bizzare enough, it had to be one based on Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species". Of course. it HAD to be.

I always love it when artist's take a massive creative turn, and this is one big turn. I can't imagine this will be every ones cup of coco, especially people more fond of their ealier output. Although you can tell it's still the Knife, it's like nothing they've done before, taking away much of the standard structure, rythm and pop elements of past and adding more elements of Drone, Noise and ambient aswell as Operatic mezzo-soprano vocals. Although the record gets more "normal" in the later half, with more of Karin's voice being present (albiet still fucked up with vocoders and octave effects) The overall result is a darker, experimental, and slighly scary in places...

Personally, I dig it.

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Robbie said...

i love the knife and fever ray but i found this to be almost totally unlistenable!