Thursday, 27 August 2009

Get Ripped to music?

Possibly the best CD review I have ever read on

If your wondering for what of horizons by Secret Cheifs 3...(?)

Inspired me to do 17 push-ups, October 25, 2006
By J. Pieretti "kerk 'the tiger' hemschle"

If the movie "Conan the Barbarian" were 10 times better, which is impossible, this album would be the soundtrack to it. When I listen to this album, whatever the name of it is i forget, but it inspires me to achieve great acts of strength and barbarian-like athletic prowessness. Yesterday I listened to it and I punched my dad right in the belly. He didn't care though, because he was listening to it when i punched him and his abs were real tight as a result. Today at work I played it in the office at a pleasent office-appropriate volume and everybody made exceptional progress on the projects they were working on. This made the boss and our clients very happy. I was enjoying this album on my way to the store not too long ago, and i was speeding because i'm an awesome driver and i had on my super-rad spandex, and a police officer pulled me over. when he approached the car and heard the music, which was blasting out of the speakers, he wrote me about ten tickets and then told me to go to court and he'll drop most of the charges. He even apologized because it was overly apparent how awesome i was (spandex and all) and that he couldn't help writing all those tickets. That all kind of upset me so i stopped listening to this album for a few days. But then I listened to it again and ended up doing all kinds of variations of push-ups. Now i'm pumped up and all the ladies want a piece of this. Buy this album a couple of times, because your liable to smash it once or twice out of feeling that it's too radical for this dimension.

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